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With winter in full swing it’s time to add some warmth to the inside of your home and a great way to do this is with a pile of soft throw blankets, enough to make any room feel cosy, comfortable and inviting even on the coldest days of winter.
Both functional and fashionable, throw blankets are a budget friendly way to upgrade your space by mixing and matching styles, plus you can switch them up from season to season. Bright or patterned blankets bring pops of colour, while chunky knits and sumptuous fabrics exude comfort on a chilly day. Not to mention, flinging a blanket or two on a bed or couch — plus a few chic area rugs and luxe accents — offers a change of scenery without giving it a complete makeover. I have throw blankets in almost every room of my house and even in my car (because you never know!).
There are so many options that everyone can find something that suits their style and their home.
There are the standard throw blankets, which are generally lighter weight and are utilised more commonly as decor accents. These can be colourful, printed, and fun to add interest to a room.
While neutral tones and fun textures are on trend right now, bold patterns and hues can add a splash of colour any time of year. I also think mixing prints and colours can bring more dimension into a space, so don’t be afraid of trying different styles, colours, patterns and fabrics, the results can be quite stunning. Of course throw blankets are more for comfort than looks so do keep in mind the functionality of these accent pieces, too. For example, if you tend to shiver all winter long, swap your lightweight throws for toastier fabrics, like wool or cashmere and, don’t underestimate a heftier cotton blanket either, they can be surprisingly good.
So, is there a secret to a perfectly-tousled toss I hear you ask. Well yes and no. The most important aspect is not to think about it too much, just literally throw them onto the arms of your couches or the end of your beds and usually they look pretty natural and great. Less is more.
However, if you require a more organised and structured look then the bedroom throws could be folded horizontally at the foot of the bed, used as a bed runner, or perhaps draped neatly along a bench where they look nice but are also easily accessible. When it comes to these boudoir accessories, don’t be afraid to opt for knitted blankets. These chunky looks are plush, oversized, and incredibly cozy on the bed. Faux fur is also great here and a fun way to soften a contemporary bedroom space and accentuate a more rustic styled room.
A less talked about but none the less useful aspect of throw blankets is that they can hide a multitude of home decor sins, including worn out fabric and scratched furniture legs. If you can’t bear to part with a beloved piece of furniture and upholstering isn’t an option, the right throw can cover the problem as well as enhance the chair.
Remember, throws are seasonal in terms of both colours and textures and much the way you swap out bedding and couch pillows each season, throw blankets can be an easy way to update your home decor for the season. Change up your space for the festive holidays, for a new season, or just because you want to. Just make sure that when you swap out a throw, you clean it according to the manufacturer’s directions and then fold it in tissue to store, so it is ready to use the next time you need it.
Of course, throw blankets are perfect for your outdoor spaces too. They can amp up your outdoor style while being a practical accessory for those chilly nights.
Wool, in particular, is a great outdoor fabric. Just make sure you store them correctly. As with any outdoor furniture or accessory, you don’t want your blankets ruined by the elements. Keep them in an airtight container outside or in a basket inside the door.
And speaking of a basket by the door, when your indoor throws aren’t in use, try keeping them rolled up in a pretty basket or hang them on rungs on a bamboo or wooden ladder leaning against the wall, they can make a great interior design element to your home, even when not in use.