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Lunch For Two

With so many restrictions, rules and problems to deal with these days, it is very difficult to be spontaneous with a romantic gesture of an invitation to dinner…traditionally the most popular of date activities. But do not let the current circumstances and situation rob you of your romantic inclinations, you just need to be a little more creative.
With all of the above in mind, it will not surprise you to know that lunch has become the new dinner. And instead of this becoming a negative proposition, try treating it as a chance to get away with your loved one for the afternoon and enjoy some real quality time together.
No matter what stage your relationship is in, going out to dine in a restaurant is one of the most common ways to spend St Valentine’s. So if everyone does it, how do you make your date special? Well, choosing the right restaurant is clearly a crucial decision. While I am not trying to ratchet up the pressure and set your nerves on edge, picking the perfect restaurant for your date, requires some thought.
Now, I know you think the easiest way to figure this out is to ask your date where they would like to go to eat, but please, do not do this. Why? Firstly, no one wants to make the wrong choice, so more often than not, your date is going to respond with, “I don’t know where do you want to go?”. This conversation can go on for hours. It also takes some of the magic out of what makes a perfect date. When you pick up your date (even if it is your partner, remember this is a date, so treat it as such), and you have managed to prearrange everything, the date has a good chance of being very successful. So, start the thought process with what you do know and take it from there. What does your date love when it comes to dining out? Have they mentioned foods they love, or a restaurant they love? How about a restaurant they have never been to but would love to try? If that fails to inspire you then try taking your date somewhere you love, somewhere you have a unique connection to. Sharing something you love with a date, is a great way to bond and grow your relationship.
The atmosphere of the restaurant you choose, will have almost as big of an effect on your date as the food. In fact, it will probably have a bigger effect. If you want to be able to gaze into your date’s eyes and have meaningful conversation, make sure the restaurant you choose is going to make that possible.
No one likes to think about budget when planning a romantic date, but in these uncertain times, the cost of everything becomes important. So make sure that you are considering a restaurant in your price range. After all, you do not want to get to a restaurant open the menu and have an immediate panic attack after seeing the prices. If your budget is minimal that is okay, this is when you fall back on the small and sweet things that make a date memorable. Take your date to a restaurant that is special to the both of you. Perhaps a restaurant that serves a style of cuisine that will spark converstaion about your memories together. A restaurant that offers a special connection will proivide a perfect date venue, whatever the price.
Make a reservation! If the restaurant of your choice requires a reservation, make one, you do not want to show up and have to wait with your date for a table, or worse not even be able to get one.
Surprises are usually a good thing for a date but you have to play fair. Give your date some guidance. You know where you are going. You know if it is a fine dining establishment or somewhere more relaxed. You can keep the element of surprise but at least give your date a clue on what to expect, so they can plan, and more importantly, dress accordingly.
And finally, enjoy the date. Remember, your date already said yes to you, so relax and enjoy it.