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Dressing For Romance

Something I hear a lot of women say is how dressing for a date is hard. In my honest opinion, this becomes hard when you’ve been out of practice, or out of touch with romance. Whether you’re single, married, or in a relationship, romance doesn’t just happen because two people are together, or are meeting up for the night. Like anything of value, you have to cultivate romance like a garden. Plant the seed, water it, and make sure it gets proper attention.
Whatever is hanging in your wardrobe is directly proportioned to the amount and quality of romance you are experiencing in your life at this moment. Having a romance ready wardrobe is key to having a great romantic life. You’ve got to dress the part to play the part.

Think about how many times you’ve taken your wardrobe seriously only when you really needed something; maybe a new promotion, or when you met someone new. I’ve been guilty of it too, shopping for new lingerie only when a romantic relationship was on the horizon. But it’s time to recognise that being prepared with a romantic wardrobe means being prepared for a romantic enchantment, and a great loving relationship at any stage.
When we’ve let our sexuality become stagnant, chances are we’ve also lost touch with doing things that make us feel and look good. I don’t know a single person that honestly reaches for a big hoodie and sweatpants when they’re going on a lunch date and trying to impress the opposite sex. Of course, you can look cute and sexy in sweats if you have the right attitude, and the right sweats, but chances are you’re not choosing sweats for a lunch date.
More often than not, when I talk with clients who have lost touch with their sexuality, there’s always a direct correlation between their wardrobe and their love life.
The first thing I suggest is to ask yourself what do you wear in your down time? What do you wear when no one is looking? What do you wear now that you’re married and feel like you don’t have to try anymore? Do you look like you’re going to a yoga class when you’re running to the grocery store? Are you wearing old t-shirts to bed? The answer that you’re looking for as to why you’ve lost touch with your sexy side is right in front of you in your wardrobe.
To be ready for romance, you’ve got to incorporate some texture. Enticing someone to touch your new velvet or faux fur coat, suede jacket, leather trousers or your silk shirt/blouse helps to activate the sense of touch, which of course is a good thing if you have romance in mind. Soft hair, quality material and pleasant fabrics all invite human connection, even in subtle flirtation. Do not underestimate the fact that touch can be incredibly romantic.
Speaking of fabric, I can’t tell you how important it is to have your lingerie drawer on point. There’s nothing more of a hinderance to dressing sexy than not having the undergarments you need when it comes time to slip on that lace camisole, sleeveless jumpsuit, or elegant dress, and you don’t have the right bra, underwear, or stockings to go with it. So make sure you put as much effort into the underwear as you do the outerwear.
Every woman, no matter what kind of life she’s living, needs to have the perfect dress in her closet for an elegant affair. A little black dress is a wardrobe essential so you never have a freak-out moment if you get invited to something fancy, or when your partner surprises you with tickets to a show or dinner at a nice restaurant.
And then there are the shoes, a most important part of looking and feeling fabulous. There’s nothing sexier than the sound of heels clicking through the room as a woman gracefully walks through it dressed in an elegant evening gown. I am sure you will agree that the sound of a gentleman’s dress shoes has a similar effect. The shoes a man wears tell a woman everything she needs to know and, guess what, he feels the same. Shoes are a selective statement and make a very big impression either way. Be sure that yours make the right impression, especially if you have romance in mind.