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Christmas by Design

Christmas is upon us again and it’s time to decorate the home with Christmas spirit. When decorating the home for Christmas, many people like sticking to the standard colours of red and green, and while it does have its charm, a little bit of deviation and creativity is always a good thing.
For anyone looking for ideas for a modern home, I have gathered what’s currently trendy and stylish, in an effort to influence your imagination and tickle your creativity.
A Twist on a Classic: Perhaps a timeless classic, the black and white combination offers something most combinations can’t. It’s simple and elegant. It looks sleek and cool whatever you decide to decorate with it. If you like the accentuation that everything else gets from a black and white contrast combination, do it. It’s impressionable yet simple.
Spicing up the Standard: Sure, sticking with the traditional colours of Christmas can sometimes seem a little bland, but some creative thinking and new ways of implementing them does wonders. Christmas accessories in candy colours look great by themselves, but they can look even better. If you’re feeling crafty you can even personalise them. Decorating them with ribbons makes them even better. If you prefer how Christmas decorations used to look a while ago, you can go old school and with the little help of colours like peacock blue, give your home that vintage feel.
Refined and Minimalistic: Simple decorations along with light neutral colours and natural materials is often one of the best decor styles. It combines comfort and luxury, while looking timelessly elegant. It creates a familiar and warm atmosphere, which embodies the spirit of Christmas.
Christmas Materials: The decorations don’t have to be made from soft materials. Using metal pieces as decor has proven to be a viable choice. The metallic look goes best with darker interiors where it can be accentuated. Grey works best, while grey mixed with some gold and silver does wonders, as everything looks in harmony.
Flowers are still In: Using simple flowers or wreaths, can be used to liven up the entire house. There are no restrictions as to where you can use a wreath, so they can be placed on any door, window, or just as a centrepiece for whatever you have in mind. Ribbons can also give the wreath more tone and warmth.
A Christmas tree for Everyone: Not everyone has room for a pine tree, some people are even allergic to pine. But there are several other tree options including some fabulous artificial trees.
The Christmas Lunch: Transfer the Christmas spirit to the lunch table too. Decorating the lunch table with Christmas colours as well as with various different Christmas accessories gives everyone seated at the table a great big smile. Not only will they enjoy the delicious food, but the beautiful sight of a personalised Christmas table will add to the sense on occasion.
Don’t throw anything away: You can save money by saving the boxes you have lying around from Christmas shopping. As well as being great for transporting whatever you bought, they can also serve as nice looking decorations.
Bright and Brighter: Lights are the star of a Christmas decor. Everything else is optional, but lights are a must. Use LED string lights to give your windows, door frames, walls, anything you choose really, a unique look.
Lanterns can do Wonders: Just lanterns by themselves are a great idea, but filling them with other Christmas accessories can be very effective.
Mistletoe is a plant with the oldest tradition of celebrating winter. It is used in decorating the house with healing powers. For some people symbolizes peace and harmony. Kissing under the mistletoe brings harmony and understanding and love for the couple is stronger.
Christmas style: Each of us have a personal style we enjoy when decorating the home for the Christmas season. Embrace your individuality and create the ambience and Christmas spirit that makes you and your family feel just that little bit special at the wonderful time of the year.