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With summer upon us, now’s the time to take a relaxing trip to the beach. But, that relaxing trip can quickly become stressful when you don’t know what to wear. Dressing for the beach can be more complicated than just picking out the perfect swimsuit. So, it’s only natural if you require a little style guidance for your next sunny day spent on the sand, which is why we are here to help. No matter what your next beach day may be, follow our style tips and guidance and you will be ready for your casual day or special event.

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Gin & Tonic

Certain drinks are irrevocably associated with certain cities or countries. The Singapore Sling and Manhattan are obvious. Cuba has its Daiquiri, Puerto Rico the Piña Colada. Dublin’s drink is Guinness, Rio has the caipirinha, and for the best Gin and Tonic, you would naturally look towards… Spain!
Spain makes the best G&T, served in the perfect glass and garnished with citrus peel and fresh spices like star anise or grated nutmeg. Many bars and restaurants now offer an entire menu dedicated to the “Gintonic” as it is known. It is not unusual for these establishments to have up to 80 different gins on the shelves, sourced from all around the world. The British may have invented the drink, but the Spanish have elevated it to an art form.

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Bentley Continental GT

Since its introduction in the early 2000s the Bentley Continental GT has been a runaway success and, following a few facelifts during the intervening years, this new version successfully reinvigorates the coupe’s appeal with a raft of changes that catapult it to the top of the class. The latest model’s styling grabs the eye, while the fabulously luxurious and lavishly equipped interior feels a cut above anything else you can buy for the money. Throw in a thoroughly reworked driving experience that – courtesy of a new chassis shared with the Porsche Panamera – brings a thrilling —level of responsiveness, plus Bentley’s muscular 4.0-litre V8 or 6.0-litre W12 engines, and the recipe for the world’s greatest GT car is complete.

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