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Sun cream – check. Sunglasses – check. A physique you’ll want to put on Instagram – ah. They say a summer body is built in winter. But hitting the sand seemed a long time away back when mince pies were on the table. Now summer is approaching and those extra helpings of brandy butter are still hanging around your waist. However, all is not lost. Follow these rules, and after four weeks of sweat, discipline and calloused hands, you’ll have burnt off your man boobs to be left with a summer body that proves you know precisely which way the beach is.

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Isn’t colour just the most wonderful thing?

Doesn’t a place look that much nicer when you add a bit of colour? Colour can also really influence our mood. And as such we can use it as a tool to influence it. We tend to pick our clothes each morning for the mood that we are in. If I am feeling particularly happy I will normally choose something colourful to wear. And if I’m feeling a bit down, I will probably want to hide a bit from the world and would go for something black. But what if you did the complete opposite?

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